Q:  What is the difference between the Powerex PRO AA battery and the Powerex Precharged AA battery?
A:  The Powerex PRO AA battery is recommended for high drain devices. It has a high 2700mAh capacity, retains up to 75% of its charge after 1 year in storage, and is rechargeable up to 500 times. The Powerex Precharged AA battery is recommended for your everyday household devices. It has a 2600mAh capacity, retains up to 85% of its charge after 1 year in storage, and is rechargeable up to 1,000 times.

Q:  When do I replace my batteries?
A:  It is recommended to recycle and replace the batteries if the battery’s capacity is less than 60% of the rated capacity or if the batteries no longer provide adequate run time for your application.

Q:  Should I charge my batteries before using them for the first time?
A:  For the Powerex PRO batteries, we recommend charging them first. For the Powerex Precharged batteries, they are precharged and can be used without charging them first.

Q:  When should I condition my batteries?
A:  We recommend conditioning your batteries every 6 months or once a year.

Q:  How long will it take for my batteries to charge?
A:  It depends on the charger and battery capacity, please refer to the specific charger for more information. One way to calculate the time is by dividing your Capacity and Charge Rate (Example: 2700/1300 = 2 Hours).

Q:  Is it normal for my batteries to get hot?
A:  It depends on the charger. For the Powerex MH-C801D, it may get a bit warm to the touch in the default mode. Other chargers and other modes should be warm to the touch. The battery temperature will quickly drop after charging is finished. OIder batteries or batteries in poor health may get hotter after charging.

Q:  How can I help my batteries last longer?
A:  Click Here to learn how to care for your batteries to make them last longer and get the most out of them.

Q:  How do I recycle my batteries?
A:  Click Here to learn how to safely store and recycle your batteries.
     Click Here to find a drop-off location near you. 
     Recharge, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Let's work together to reduce battery waste.